Reliable Quality Inspections and Unique Traceability of Medical Products


Thanks to years of experience gained through many successful projects in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, The biggest companies offers demanding machine vision solutions for a broad range of inspection tasks

medical quality inspections
medical quality inspections

Quality Inspection

100% inspections ensure quality and clear traceability while also making it possible to optimize the production processes. Machine vision solutions work reliably even at high conveyor speeds, for inspections in the μm range and on large inspection parts and complex objects. Examples of quality inspection tasks include:

  • Container inspections
  • Crimp quality inspections
  • Fiber mat inspections
  • Hypodermic needle inspections
  • Insulin Pen Inspections
  • Particle inspections
  • Surface inspection of transdermal patches
  • Wetting drip chamber inspections

Assembly Inspections and Controls

To prevent the processing of defective parts or ensure correct functioning. Inspections can be carried out for the broadest range of objects and in the broadest range of assembly steps, including for:

  • Auto-injection systems, Insulin Pens
  • Inhalers
  • Injection systems
  • Dialysis machines
  • Hypodermic needles
  • Flow packs
  • IV bags
  • Caps on containers

3D Robot Vision

Complex and non-structurally-stable parts are identified and handled by us solutions. Three-dimensional position detection ensures that the robot can repeatedly pick up the objects and place them down with precision. This prevents damage to the objects and ensures, for example, that boxes are automatically optimally filled. Automation can thus also be used in areas of industrial production that were not previously regarded as offering process reliability. Objects to be handled can include all complex and non-structurally-stable objects, such as flow packs or IV bags.

Contour and Dimensional Inspections
Defective contours and inaccurate dimensions can lead to product issues or malfunctions. Products, containers and packaging materials are therefore inspected with regard to their fill level, dimensional accuracy, assembly result and any defects. Examples of inspection tasks include:

  • Inspections of auto-injection systems
  • Correct positioning of stoppers on containers
  • Dimensional accuracy of PE containers
  • Inspections of infusion tubes
  • Inspections of Sealed Objects

Content, quality and functional inspections can often only be conducted on sealed objects. we offers x-ray technology for such situations. This can also be used if opaque liquids should be checked for impurities.


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