The importance of stone scanners in quality control


It may be important to you how the stones can be separated from one another in quality, as the stone is cut into regular slabs, given the purity of the material in all parts of one The clay is not uniform so it has to be separated between the fine and intermediate portions depending on the percentage of solids in that part of the rock plate.

With the help of a stone scanner system, image processing can also be considered and compared to the best possible image of a stone while receiving the image and the best quality output.

Stone quality control
Stone quality control

Importance of stone quality

Natural stone slabs are created by cutting stone blocks. Each block can have a different quality of material. A simple stone block consists of approximately 20% high quality materials, 30% standard quality materials and 50% commercial grade materials. The price of the stone you buy is almost directly related to the quality of the stone, the commercial grade being the cheapest.

The Importance of Stone Scanners in Discovering the Gap

Discover cracks on the Stones
Discover cracks on the Stones

In natural stones, there are gaps, the gaps between the different layers of a rock caused by changes in temperature and type of material. These cracks are evident when stone blocks are cut.Although these gaps may not be important to some people, they can be fine-tuned and delivered to customers with a higher quality product. And also now in cases where the stone is being installed it can be broken which in principle makes it difficult for the employer.

In principle, these gaps are safe and unlikely to break, but for better and safer product segregation it may be better to detect these gaps by a stone scanner and to separate them from other products.

The Importance of Stone Scanners in Cavity Discovery

Discover the hole in the Stones
Discover the hole in the Stones

In other cases due to the material type of some stone may have cavities and pits which is very effective in the beauty of the stone, in some cases using minerals such as Resin cover these holes but this method has some drawbacks This is because sometimes it does not have the same dispersion and makes the stone state abnormal. Using a stone scanner device, we can detect the large proportion of spots created on the surface of the stone and classify the stones according to the percentage of the area and the size of the spots.

Quality control of stone polishing by using stone scanner

Polished stone
Polished stone

Using the stone scanner system you can discover the details better, including stone polishing which is very important to the consumer. The surface of the stone should be such that it is attractive because of its gloss, the stone scanner can be very effective in this area and thoroughly examine the surface of the stone.

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