Types of 3D laser cameras


Three-dimensional laser cameras are classified into the following four categories according to their performance. These cameras are widely used for very accurate measurements in three dimensions. One of the most prominent manufacturers of these cameras is LMI3D and Cognex Inc.

1- Point-Profile Camera

This set of cameras is very useful for measuring the distance and dimensions in 3D image processing between two high-speed points.

Spot laser cameras
Spot laser cameras

2- Multi Point Profile Camera

These cameras are mainly used to measure the width or length of parts.

Multi-point 3D cameras
Multi-point 3D cameras

3- Line Profile Cameras

To measure the shape, the surface and volume of moving parts of this type of camera are used.

3D linear scanning cameras
3D linear scanning cameras

4- SnapShot  Cameras

For a complete three-dimensional inspection of objects, a single scan of this type of camera is used.

Three-dimensional area scanning cameras
Three-dimensional area scanning cameras
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