Detection of car body before painting


According to customer needs in the field of car body recognition, this machine separates car body with the help of 3D image processing.

Laser scanning is used to scan the car’s body with high precision, in that the laser is first linearly projected onto the body and then with the help of a camera with a specific angle from the laser, successive images are given. The amount of movement the car receives.

The system works by capturing images using the camera and transmitting them to the computer via the USB port and processing the images online using LabVIEW software and then outputs to the PLC via the network port. It is sent and the information received from the vehicle is sent to the Central PLC.

If you are interested in more information about 3D scanners you can refer to the article on 3D scanner by Farazan Kavoush

Vehicle body detection by image processing
Vehicle body detection by image processing

The system is designed to keep track of the car’s production line, identify the moving car body and take steps to separate them later. All images are processed by a PLC computer system.

You can watch the video below for more information.

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