Quality control of automobile doors gap with the help of FKDS’s laser profiles


Measuring with the help of the human eye is the most basic method used today to control the body’s body quality. This method, in addition to making quality control a tastes good, also increases with the fatigue of the operator.

Car body quality control with eyes
Car body quality control with eyes

Farazan Kavosh Co. has taken a big step in controlling the quality of domestic vehicles to raise production, a preview of the scan between the door and body on the pride vehicle is indicative of the company’s readiness to complete these projects in the company Car manufacturer. Laser profile of Farazan Exploration Company, by capturing the door seams, is able to extract high quality images and process 3D images of the measured measurements, and according to the correct standards of production, the installation status of the assembled doors To announce.


In the video below, you can see how to process the image of the seams of the Pride car doors, which is done with the best possible Kuka robot.



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