Farazan Kavosh Co. using its scientific and empirical capabilities, is synchronized with the technology of the day in the field of special machinery manufacturing and automation of production lines, especially intelligent systems for the promotion of the country.The management effort has always been to apply all the experts of the company to use the technical knowledge of the day in the projects. In the projects implemented by this company, the main criterion is quality and tried to innovate, the cost of the project is proportional to the related products.The company, with the help of well-trained experts, will use the various control systems in implementing industrial automation projects next to you.

Automation Industry Definition:

Industrial automation refers to control devices that replace a computer or robot system and its control technology to carry out some industrial processes in manpower production lines.

Increasing the quality and flexibility in the process of production lines:

Previously, the goal of industrial automation was to increase efficiency (24-hour activity, three shift work), as well as to reduce costs related to manpower.However, today, the focus of industrial automation is to increase the quality and flexibility of production lines.

For example, in the automotive industry, the installation of the piston inside the engine is carried out manually with an error rate of 1% – 1.5%, But this task is improved by industrial automation and reduces the production error rate to 0.00001%.

Advantages of industrial automation:

  • Low Operator Cost: Industrial automation eliminates the cost of healthcare, rewards, insurance coverage, retirement and vacation, Most importantly, although industrial automation has started to high initial cost, but it saves workers’ monthly expenses, which is a significant cost to the factory at large.The cost of maintaining machines for industrial automation is very low, because the reason for the failure of the machines is very low.
  • High efficiency: Although many factories employ human resources so that they can operate in three shifts and have more time to produce, But it’s still going down on factory activity holidays. Industrial automation is designed to provide 24-hour operation every 7 days a week and every 365 days a year, which can significantly improve the efficiency of the factory.
  • High Quality: Industrial automation reduces human error. In addition, unlike human work, robots do not get tired of any time, As a result, products are produced in a uniform and high quality.
  • Very high flexibility: Adding a new task to the production lines requires a very long training of human resources, which means losing time and efficiency, but robots can simply be programmed, and this can be very flexible in factory production.
  • High accuracy of information: Added ability to receive information in industrial systems can help companies to production information and improve defects and reduce costs, which helps factories to deliver their products on the right track.
  • High security: Industrial automation can create a safe production line for employees by locating robots in places where there is a risk.

Applications of industrial automation:

  • Automotive Industries: Testing of parts and equipment, paint spray systems, body shaping by means of automatic presses, Hole punching, connecting parts
  • Plastic industry: Melting Machine and Injection Molding, Air blowing, manufacturing systems and plastic analysis
  • Heavy Industries: Industrial ovens, Automatic temperature control systems, Equipment for melting of metals
  • Chemical industry: Mixing systems, mixing machines with different proportions
  • Food industry: extraction and packaging systems
  • Machine industry: Packaging Industry, Wood Industry, Perforation Systems, Alarm and Warning Systems, Welding Systems Used in Metals
  • Transportation industry: Cranes, conveyor systems, transportation equipment
  • Energy conversion industries: gas pressure boost stations, power stations, water pumps control, industrial air purification systems, filtration and recovery systems, purification and gas recovery
  • Construction: Lifting technology, air conditioning and control, automatic lighting systems

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