What is a Stone Scanner Machine


Why use a slab stone scanner? Where can this device be used? How was this problem resolved before the slab stone scanner? All of these questions may come to your mind when you encounter this product. In this article we try to answer all the questions in this topic by describing this device.

Slab Stone Scanner

In the past, in order to deliver products in stock to the customer, stone slab manufacturers had many problems with moving and displaying them, and the manufacturer did not have good control over its warehouse.

Display of stone slabs
Display of stone slabs

The slab stone scanner device helps manufacturers produce high quality imaging at the output of the slab. The scanned images are stored offline in the system memory and can be connected to the cloud if necessary and the images are uploaded to the clouds. Below are some examples of scanned images.

Sample image scan of stone
Sample image scan of stone

These images can easily be used to discuss simulations and image galleries. These images can be placed on the store’s website and sold to attract customers.

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