Quality control of natural stones


Quality control is essential to ensure the quality of natural stone production. Since 2013, stone mills around the world have been positioned to meet the CE standard. The CE standard is actually a type of passport to enter the European market.

Stone quality control
Stone quality control

Therefore, stone producers had to implement quality control in their factory to obtain this standard, consisting of machine vision labs and other tests, to test the physical and mechanical properties of the stone. This standard is not only for Europe, but also increases customer confidence in the major markets of the world (China, India, South Africa, etc.) and helps to attract capital, and this is just because of all the testing by the manufacturer There have been.

Natural stone machine vision

According to the article Stone Scanners and their application, it can be concluded that the output image of these devices can be used for image processing and machine vision for stone slabs, ceramics and stone blocks.

To answer this question, yes, with the help of high-speed and sensitive scanners, you can scan stone or ceramic slabs and then apply image processing. This image processing can be done in several ways:

  • External control of external edges automatically
  • Dimensions of stone control
  • Exterior control of the stone and discovery of cracks
Exterior control of outer edges
Quality control of stone edges
Quality control of stone edges

For some stone producers it is very important that the edges of the stone are smooth and quality and that the cutting is done correctly.

Dimensions of stone control
Dimensions of stone control
Dimensions of stone control

With the help of stone scanners you can extract the dimensions of scanned stones with great accuracy.


Exterior control of the stone and discovery of cracks
Discover bugs and cracks in the stone
Discover bugs and cracks in the stone

With the help of machine vision, you can detect and bookmark most faults. The operator can mark the problem after the image has been examined.

last word:

With the advances in science in various industries, it has been shown that there have been more improvements in the stone industry that manufacturers will be out of competition if they do not comply, stone scanners will be of great help in production. The quality of the stones will be very useful in sorting them and creating a gallery for marketing. In addition, these images can be used to simulate the environment for better customer selection.

For more video video of a sample of stone scanners you can see below.



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