Demo version of Biscuit Quality Control


Perhaps one of the issues facing manufacturers in the food industry is the quality of the appearance of the product, Farazan Kavosh Company, by presenting this demo version of the Biscuit Quality Control, has been seeking to control the quality of various products in 3d vision inspection.

Quality control the appearance of the human eye is a lot of error may be due to fatigue and will not be cost-effective too. With the help of industrial automation, it can be performed in three shifts as well as with very high precision quality control operations.

Laser profile of Farazan Kavosh Co. is one of the products that can be used with laser imaging and 3D image processing to process high-resolution 3D image. In this demo version, it is fully shown how the biscuits are captured and displayed in the output, and thus processing can also be done according to the shape.



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