Farzan Kavosh Co. is one of the most experienced suppliers of industrial machine vision systems in iran.

Our vision systems are used for inspection, guidance, identification, tracking and counting in the automated production process of various industries.

Our vision solutions can be deployed for almost any inspection requirement. With leading-edge technology and high performance image processing, your vision system can be set-up, deployed and running within a matter of minutes.

Our solutions can be used in hundreds of application areas including:

  • Presence Verification
  • Gauging and Measurement
  • Character and Pattern Recognition
  • Print Inspection
  • Robot Control
  • Barcode and 2D Code Verification
  • Surface Inspection
  • Color Analysis & Recognition

In the following examples, you can get acquainted with a number of applications in the field of machine vision:

بینایی ماشین تأیید قرار داشتن اجزا
Confirming components, parts, screws, springs and … In their place
بینایی ماشین تطابق با مشخصه‌های موردنظر
Control the components and their compliance with the desired customer characteristics
بینایی ماشین تشخیص لحیم‌کاری مناسب
Detection of imperfect or excessive soldering, parts left or crooked

Next generation pattern matching can learn to recognise arbitrary patterns, shapes, logos etc. Compare trained features and patterns in fractions of a second. Use geometric features to find objects and easily identify models that are translated, rotated and scaled to sub-pixel accuracy.

تشخیص الگو با پردازش تصویر
Pattern recognition

Powerful gauging tools allow complex measuring to be completed to sub-pixel accuracy at very high speeds. Real-time calibration provides high performance measuring which is easy and quick to set-up.

اندازه گیری با استفاده پردازش تصویر
Measurement using image processing

Find cracks, dents, wrinkles, flaws, scratches, inclusion, contaminants and surface defects using proven algorithms, combined with advanced reprocessing filtering.

کنترل سطح با استفاده از پردازش تصویر
Inspection of steel plate surface

Edge detection and precision contour analysis provide precise matching and measuring capabilities.

تشخیص لبه با استفاده از پردازش تصویر
Inspection of molded parts for appendages Defects and accuracy of dimensions

Inspect injection molded parts and components for flash, shorts, inserts and dimensional accuracy.

کنترل کیفیت محصولات
Quality control of plastic products
تشخیص، تایید و شناسایی کاراکتر
Detect, approve and identify characters

Train, classify and verify character sets. Our systems can accurately determine shape, size, consistency and verification of numbers, letters, logos and signs. Check scribed, stamped, printed or preprinted text in all languages, fonts, sizes and styles.

کنترل کیفیت چاپ
Print quality control

Direct thermal, ink marked and pad printed products, forms,labels on paper, metal or plastic can all be robustly inspectedusing the latest Print Quality Inspection functionality. Check for alignment, measurement, streaks, voids, pin-holes, scratcheson continuous printing and off-set printing equipment, digitalprinting and web inspection. Print Quality Inspection can becombined with OCR, batch reconciliation and bar-code verification to provide complete track and trace verification.

تشخیص، تایید و شناسایی کاراکتر
Detect, approve and identify characters

Color matching can be used for segmentation and analysis of products operating in RGB and HSI. Precise inspection confirms adherence to color bands and tolerances. Check labels, features, conformal coats, beads, glue, food products, organic products and parts for detailed color analysis.

تایید و تطابق رنگ
Approval and color matching

Accurately determine the position of parts to direct robots, find fiducials, align products and provide positional adjustment feedback. Precise alignment and 360 degree rotational and pivotal offset provide reliable process control. Integration with all major robot manufacturers and control systems.

کنترل و تنظیم ربات
Robot Control/Position Adjustment


کنترل و تنظیم ربات
Control and adjust the robot to check the seams of the car


All of the most common bar-codes and Data Matrix codes can be read in any orientation at high speeds.

خواندن بارکد و بارکد ماتریسی
Read the bar-codes and data matrix

Fast 3D measurements at high speed. Intelligent 3D shape, contrast, color and volume checks. Pick and place 3D solutions. 3D surface inspection.

بینایی سه بعدی
3D Vision Inspection

Our systems offer you the very best in image quality with one of the largest range of filter options in the machine vision industry for extensive preprocessing of images.

پیش پردازش تصویر