Stone Slab Scanner


One of the new ways in the stone industry for stone product classification and stone storage management can be very important for a stone slab scanner.

With the help of this device you can manage the slab warehouses extensively, which can be defined in either smart or manual modes, each of which is briefly described below.

Slab Stone Scanner
Slab Stone Scanner

Smart Stone Slab Scanner

Farazan Kavoush with a long history and experience in image processing and machine vision claims that it can automatically identify and classify stone types based on their texture and color, as well as an archive of images from Form the scanned stones for the related company offline and online.

The process is to first teach the machine a variety of stone patterns, and then the machine automatically detects slabs and labels them with advanced mechanisms and puts them in storage, as well as archives. That created is grouped into categories, and has the ability to subdivide them into categories and store them online and offline.

This machine has the potential to be used for all kinds of stone slabs, such as travertine, marble, granite and so on.

Stone slab scanner machine

Farazan Kavoush has provided this feature for some customers to provide another example of a device to reduce costs, which is defined by the operator after scanning in which category and is archived simultaneously.

The process is to place the machine in line with an operator and then begin the scan of the slab, after the scan has completed the operator determines which branch of the stone is located and the label manually on the slab. The slab is then archived in the warehouse.

Like the smart device, it can scan all kinds of stone slabs and has no restrictions.

Stone slab scanner software
Stone slab scanner software

System Specification

  • Image quality 2K/4K/8K
  • Scanning width 2500mm
  • Resolution 100dpi x 100dpi
  • Automatic imaging speed matching to line speed
  • Top quality hardware
  • Automatically uploading images to the website gallery

Software Features

  • Warehouse management system with the ability of tracking stones
  • Automatic calculation of general dimensions and useful dimensions of each slab
  • Recording of image, dimensions, date and time, code of block and each slab number
  • Ability to print bar-code and product tracking code for each slab
  • Calculate the slab length produced
  • Access to the archives of scanned slabs and management system from web and mobile
  • Ability to define level of access to the management system for each user
  • Presenting 2D and 3D Images with high accuracy of color, design and dimension via website and mobile
  • Get more customer satisfaction by offering the possibility to examine different cutting layouts on the slabs
  • Online ordering and purchasing system

Catalog of stone slab scanners

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