Ampule printing vision inspection


At present, the company produces and maintains the machine vision control system for quality control of the print cartridges of ampoules. In this system, the pouch should be rotated at 360 ° speeds and without vibration.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the readability of the printed text on the product and the expiration date is a critical issue.It should be noted that if printing on the mold is in doubt, The probability of an error in reading the medication is increased by the distributor and the consumer, which can have irreparable effects.The print cartridge control unit examines the following:

  • Confusion is part of the text print
  • Incomplete printing
  • Dirty printing on the pouch
  • Check ring printing
  • Check leakage printing
  • Check expiration date
Ampule print vision inspection device
Ampule print vision inspection device

Given that the product of each line may vary in terms of the capacity of the pouch, the color of the glass and the color of the printing, The color of the glass and the color of the printing will change, System made by this company, System made by this company, The first injection control system is that, compared with its foreign rivals, It has the ability to automatically adapt to the product. The ability to control the printing of ampoule rings is another unique feature of the system that distinguishes it from its external specimens.

Ampule vision inspection software
Ampule vision inspection software

This visual machine system is capable of controlling the printing of all ink cartridges on the production line at a rate of 2 pcs per second. It should be noted that the control device is designed to be able to fit into the product line. In this system, first, the pocket is raised by the lift system on the production line and rotated by the rotating mechanism 360 degrees below the camera to shoot from all rotating pockets and transfer the images to the computer for processing. At this stage, by complex algorithms, the images are processed, and in the event of any errors, the faulty exit command is issued from the line by the rector to remove the defective component. It should be noted that all of these operations are carried out in less than 500 milliseconds, which makes it possible to check all manufactured items.

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