Complete Vial Inspections from a Single Source


Patient safety is priority one in pharmaceutical industry. Even the smallest defects in filling and sealing of pharmaceutical vials can have a big impact on the quality of the product, and in turn, on the health of the patient.

When filling vials, many different aspects need to be inspected to ensure perfect quality – from the container itself to the position of the stopper through to the crimp on the cap. Companies often inspect vials using different machine vision systems, each of which inspects individual aspects. Automatic optical inspection systems from VITRONIC provide the most consistent and reliable quality control.


VINSPEC HEALTHCARE Vial Inspections at a Glance:

  • Detection of product mix-ups based on the cap shape and color
  • Quality control of the cap and crimp with regard to
  1. Inspection of defects, deformations and tears to the cap surface
  2. Wrinkled crimp
  3. Partially or entirely missing crimps
  4. Deformed and destroyed crimps
  • Fill level inspection
  • Reading and verifying
  1. 1D code/2D code
  2. OCR
  3. OCV
  • Stopper inspection
  1. Correct seat
  2. Correct color
  • Sealing cap inspection
  1. Correct seat by means of crimp depth measurement
  • Quality inspection of the container, including for
  1. Cracks
  2. Deformations
  3. Defects on the bottle body
  4. empty vial
  • Particle inspection
  1. Depending on requirements, one, several or all of the inspections can be used.
نمایش کنترل کیفیت ویال
نمایش کنترل کیفیت ویال

Complete solution from a single source guaranteed

  • Standardized software and system design
  • One contact person for vial inspection
  • Advice and support from experts before, during and after inspections
  • Fewer interfaces

Safe and efficient automated production

  • 360° inspection of the vial caps with just one vision sensor
  • No additional handling (e.g. mechanical rotation of the products) required – saves time and money
  • Code and character identification and verification
  • VITRONIC systems are validatable according to GAMP guidelines

More flexibility

  • Solutions designed in line with requirements: from individual to complete solutions
  • Simple integration in existing systems

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