Automated Weld and Brazed Seam Inspection Sets New Quality


Today, many industries use state-of-the-art automated welding in industrial production. However, in most cases, the quality of the welded seams is still assessed based on a visual inspection by trained employees. This approach is costly in terms of personnel, and also carries the risk of defective parts remaining undetected due to unavoidable human error.

In order to optimize production processes and enable consistent quality in welded seams, VITRONIC has developed an inline weld bead inspection system. In the automotive and supply industries, the VIRO WSI optical seam inspection system enables the automated welded seam inspection of axle carriers, the vehicle body, steel wheels, seats, and exhaust gas systems.

VITRONIC’s optical 2D and 3D weld seam inspection system offers fully automated seam inspection that is efficient and economical. All components are inspected reliably according to defined, relevant quality criteria. Only parts that are flawless reach the next part of the production process. And database-supported analysis software can be used to optimize the upstream welding/brazing process. This eliminates costly waste and prevents the need for time-consuming rework. That is why automated weld seam inspection improves product quality over the long term.

Regardless of whether you want to inspect welded or brazed seams: For any challenging machine vision task, VITRONIC is the ideal partner. Worldwide.

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