Check labels and production history inserted


Can you check the date inserted on the products in terms of location and time?

Do you accept the risk of non-acceptance accuracy?

The authentication device reads the date to match the date and barcode information to ensure that customers are satisfied with the product.

Date and bar code recognition device
Date and bar code recognition device

MVT is currently using trusted OCR techniques to validate the label. Following the implementation of 20 successful projects in MTV, MTV can read codes well, For example: on glossy cans with any angle, at speeds exceeding 1800 pieces per minute. The company uses the same technique to check the expiry date printed on the label, adjust the date based on the pot or customers.

  • At the end of the production line, a flash and a siren are used to alert the time when the mismatch occurred.
  • Ability to stop output at output
  • There is a separate output for outsized products, despite different options to get rid of
  • Easy and fast installation without interruption in the production line
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