Traffic control by measuring the average point-to-point speed


Common measurement systems work in fixed locations, and can affect traffic safety. Point-to-point control systems can take control of the route and discover non-volatile speeds. With the help of visual systems, the time of arrival and departure of each vehicle is recorded according to the license plate number, and using this information, the average speed is extracted between the two points. Not only does this increase the safety of roads, but also stop cars that are moving faster than the limit, preventing the possibility of possible road hazards.


  • Applicable to hazardous road sections
  • Improved traffic management with a combination of messages and signs on the track
  • Ability to combine with ANPR software

Tunnels, hills and free long paths

Measurement of average speed is very effective, especially in longitudinal routes that are more likely to develop. For example, in tunnels, on slopes and in long twisted paths. By using a point-to-point average speed measurement system, drivers’ behavior in that area can be effectively controlled.

Implementing traffic control will make drivers at the speed of legality in hazardous sectors and create security.

Manage traffic by changing values in the system

This system is based on the latest self-identification platform. This system is able to distinguish between different types of vehicles and execute speed limits. For example, based on the traffic volume, a message is given to change the system parameters. The sections that are subject to traffic congestion must therefore have a longer period of elapsed time. Cominones and heavy vehicles can also be managed quickly by limiting speed.

Integration with ALPR and Toll software

Due to the ability to identify the vehicle based on the automatic identification of the license plate, the system can be combined with various software based on the ANPR and with different information on its list, for example, dangerous transportation. This system is applicable to this flexible design applicable anywhere in the world.


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