Rolling Shutter Cameras


Rolling shutter is one of the methods for capturing digital images with the help of a fixed digital camera, or any frame of video storage is not a single image of any sequence, but a combination of vertical or horizontal scanning of the desired scene. In other words, all parts of the image will not be recorded in a moment. This makes it possible to remove objects in sections that are moving at a speed when capturing an image, or as a cross-sectional image. This is in contrast with the Global Shutter cameras that store the image at a glance.

Rolling Shutter imaging can be done either mechanically or electronically. The advantage of this method is that the imaging sensor can collect photons during the extraction process, so the sensitivity is effectively increased. This technology is currently found in many digital cameras and cameras using the CMOS sensor. A very unpleasant effect when shooting in fast moving situations. While some CMOS sensors are Global Shutter. But the majority in the market is using more expensive than Rolling Shutter cameras.

CCD (charge-coupled devices) sensors have been replaced by CMOS sensors, which are generally much more sensitive and, at the same time, much more expensive. CCDs are based on the Global Shutter, which captures the image at a glance and eliminates bugs in high-speed modes.

Rolling Shutter imaging simulator
Rolling Shutter imaging simulator
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