Stone scanners and their applications


Introducing Stone Scanner Machine

One way marketers or sellers of a product might be offered ways to help them introduce their product is one of the most important marketing parameters of a product display that they usually carry with them or display an image with a description . But this does not work for all types of products and may have its own setbacks. It is necessary to use special and better measures for displaying the stones produced by a company due to their heavy and difficult imaging and low quality.

The scanner is the solution to this problem, with this machine you can produce very high quality images with the help of professional and industrial cameras and perform various tasks such as product marketing or quality control of your stones.

Types of stone scanners

Depending on customer requirements and the different slab dimensions of these slabs, these devices are highly versatile, for example, for smaller customers who do not need to scan the stone completely. These devices are divided into the following categories:

Portable Scanner Machine


Handheld Scanner Machine
Handheld Scanner Machine

These devices are mainly used for small-scale applications, with the help of imaging scanner sensors, and with the use of hand-held memory, and after recording images, Capable of connecting to a computer via the USB port, one can store several images in different ways by moving their hands to the memory and then removing all the stored images at once.

Vertical or horizontal stone slab scanner
Stone scanner vertically
Stone scanner vertically

Sometimes, due to the production of slabs and the former mechanisms of the stone factory, they can be scanned; therefore, the machines that perform the full slab scan are vertical and horizontal. In portrait mode, the stone is standing and the camera and lighting system move. In landscape mode, the camera is fixed but the rock moves on the conveyor.

Horizontal stone scanner
Horizontal stone scanner

The reason for designing both vertical and horizontal is that sometimes the stone is cut to a certain size and needs to be scanned based on the cut size but sometimes it is necessary to cut after the scan. In both cases, scans are generally used for scanning cameras and linear light systems, as they can be scanned in large dimensions to produce ultra-high resolution images.

The capabilities of stone scanner devices

  • Connect to computer and archive images in system
  • Connect to mobile software to view scanned images
  • Upload images of rocks to site automatically

The Importance of Using a Stone Scanner

Given that marketed cameras do not have the desired quality to deliver the product and also with the exception of marketing, it can also affect the management of stone mills. According to the simulator software, these devices can be used to scan different types of rocks and extract images to simulate the customer’s desired environment, so that the customer can make a better choice and this will create a customer-oriented environment. And attract more customers.

In addition, with these devices, you can also control the dimensional and visual quality, it is basically that with the help of specific software these images are obtained and then by the operator of the image in terms of size and appearance on Looking at the image, this process can help produce more quality products.

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