Second place in Isfahan University of Science and Technology


Due to the many efforts of Farazan Kavosh Co. experts in March 2017, they have won the second place of the companies of Isfahan Science and Technology.The content of this tablet is:

Excellency Mr. Ekhtiary

Dear CEO Farazan Kavosh Didar Sepahan Co.

The continuous effort, Your Excellency and your colleagues In line with the growth and excellence of Iran’s economy and technology, through commendable quantitative and qualitative development. Now in the periodic assessment of the group in 2017 – 2016:

The technology units Between one and two years of deployment in the center of the growth of the Isfahan Science and Technology, you have won second place. I sincerely congratulate the Access of this success and its continuation in the way of the country’s rise growth.

لوح تقدیر شرکت فرازان کاوش دیدار سپاهان
Appreciation Farazan Kavosh Didar Sepahan Co.