Packaging & Label Inspection Machine


A fully automated inspection and rejection machine for the quality inspection of packaged items after final packing – designed for use in the food, printing, packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

Ideal for checking:
Label presence inspection Date and code checks Pack damage inspection Package size measurements Label placement and alignment 1D and 2D code checking Correct label stock running on the line Seal integrity checks Foreign body inspection Film color verification Print quality inspection Packaging checks “Specials” label presence Rogue part detection An integrated inspection machine for industry utilizing state-of-the-art machine vision technology lets you automate high-speed and critical inspection tasks after packaging to check labels, seal, print, size and product quality.The device utilizes artificial intelligence stateof- the-art IVS vision systems to provide mission critical quality checks across all items, making detailed quality decisions automatically.

Machine vision devices
Machine vision devices

With optional multi vision sensors the machine can provide adaptable inspection from all sides of the product. LAMi-P reduces the need for manual inspection and provides a guarantee of product quality being delivered to customers. The machine is very easy to program, offers fast set up, is highly accurate and provides peace of mind for in-process inspection operations.

Features and benefits:

  • Simple vision system set-up
  • Automatically rejects bad product
  • Reduces customer fines
  • Guarantees quality leaving the factory
  • Quick to install and easy to program
  • Saves HD photos of rejected items for reference
  • Saves statistical shift data and information


  • Physical or air reject options
  • Optional link to scanners and factory information systems
  • Can be custom designed to suit your production
Machine vision software
Machine vision software

Source: Packaging and Label Inspection Machine

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