Automatic quality control device


The IVS-MALi-M device was designed and manufactured by Industrial Vision in England, It is designed as a bench to be delivered manually or fully automatically, The machine vision system is fully used to control the quality of assembled parts. Among the issues that are being investigated are:

Machine vision devices
Machine vision devices
  • Implementation of quality control of assembled plastic parts
  • The basis of the lines inserted on them is tested and measured
  • Characters printed on products
  • Check springs
  • The quality of laser printing is included
  • Regular assembly
  • Check syringe
  • Check the labels
  • Needle tip evaluation
  • Quick check molding injection
  • Checking the glass of the ampoule
  • Quick check molding injection
  • Regular Package Review
  • Check location and status
  • Ensure that the doors are closed
Squirrel Image Processing
Squirrel Image Processing

Sample medical products for image processing
Sample medical products for image processing
Samples of medical products for image processing
Samples of medical products for image processing

This machine is a fully integrated inspection bench using the latest optical vision technology to control the quality of medical products, This kind of industrial device allows you to perform repetitive and high-volume tasks sequentially and automatically. Performing these processes using artificial intelligence that can propagate a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical products. This device is very simple to program، Quickly adjusts, it has a very high accuracy and calmly controls the quality:

Features and Benefits:

  • Performing processing without dust
  • Ability to perform manual assembly
  • Storing and reviewing HD images of products simultaneously
  • Automatic quality control without operator intervention
  • Storage of key data and data
  • Quality assurance on output
  • Fast installation with simple programming


  • Design of the device in two forms open and closed bench
  • The ability to connect a printer and a starter to check labels
  • Custom design capability depending on manufacturer environment
  • Quick-switching tools
  • Very high flexibility as the third hardware
  • Upload and download manually or fully automatically
Machine vision devices
Machine vision devices

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