Optical Quality Inspection within the Battery Production


There is a growing use of high-performance batteries such as lithium-ion batteries for mobile and stationary energy storage. During battery production, reliable processes are essential as they prevent performance degradation or, in the worst case, cell/battery explosion.

Machine vision systems can play a critical part in ensuring reliable processes and even minimize waste. Costs fall through an increase in the yield. Statistics provide the necessary foundations for process optimization.

Battery Inspection
Battery Inspection

Machine Vision Systems Are Ideally Suited for Battery Inspection, for Example:

  • Surface quality inspections
  • Assembly inspections and controls
  • 2D/3D inspections of welded and brazed seams
  • Contour and dimensional accuracy inspections
  • 3D robot vision

All this happens completely inline and without symptoms of fatigue.

Optical inspection systems can be used along the entire battery production chain, including for:

  • Electrode manufacturing
    • Anode/cathode manufacturing
    • Separator manufacturing
  • Cell assembly
    • Isolation/joining
    • Cell packaging
    • Formation/cell inspection
  • Module manufacturing
  • Battery pack manufacturing
  • Quality assurance

Source: Vitronic.com

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