Automating the manufacture of stationery products


Package automation as well as product control is one of the activities that is taking place in the field of industrial automation. In the video below, you can see the performance of a production line on an example of the product catalogs by Clear Automation Co.

First, for this product, a special conveyor is considered to be placed in this direction with respect to the feeder and then to the weight control section and removed with the help of the Fanuc robot, and then placed on the four specified load cells, This means that each time weighs four pieces at a time. The measured information is displayed simultaneously on the display. Then the product reaches the tagging section and inserts laser printers, which are executed in five groups and simultaneously controlled.

Then the package is inserted and the product is considered as a single package, and then every six of the product is put into the box and ready to be picked up manually.

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