Automatic Bottle Cartridge


At the request of a pharmaceutical company, a number of special bottles with a specific appearance for sorting and also being placed on its product line were made by Clear Automation. How it works is that first, the bottle packs are transferred to the top by a vertical conveyor and then placed on a tray using vibrating feeders. At the top of this tray, a camera is used to process the image of the parts to guide the robots, with the tray continuously rotating, so that the parts can be processed more easily. Once the pieces are discovered, robots are placed in a suitable position with the help of robots to turn the bottle empty from the portrait to portrait mode.

After the parts are vertical, they are transported to the sorting section with the aid of the conveyor belt, If the piece is not in the correct position, they are rotated by the robots and then transferred to the conveyor for the next steps.

The video below shows the function of this device.

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