Automated Volume Measurement Optimizes the Flow of Materials and Ensures Smooth

In the logistics industry, ever-increasing numbers of shipments have to be processed within ever-shrinking timeframes. At the same time, customer requirements are becoming increasingly exacting in terms of transparency and service quality. This means that precise measurements of the volume and weight of goods shipments are indispensable for e-commerce and retail. This data can then be used, for example, for loading optimization, for registering the goods with the forwarding agent, for automatic invoice creation, and for accurate calculation of shipping costs.

Check boxes damaged
Check boxes damaged

VITRONIC’s automatic volume measurement system enables contact-free volume measurement of any object in motion, reliably compares the data actually captured with the data declared – even at high conveyor speeds and in difficult conditions, and provides the basis for optimizing logistics workflows and the utilization of storage capacities. Automated high rack warehouses also benefit from fully automatic contour inspection. Our systems detect potential deformations in packages during the goods inward process, thus preventing malfunctions in the automatic warehouse technology.

The benefits to you:

  • Smooth flow of goods in warehouses and distribution centers – from package recording in the goods inward department, through order picking, to sorting and shipping of your products.
  • available as a stand-alone system or as a turnkey solution – comprising auto ID, automatic volume measurement and in-motion weighing scale
  • contact-free, reliable and efficient volume measurements of cuboid or any other objects in motion
  • reliable volume measurement at conveyor speeds of up to 3 m/s
  • offers maximum measurement accuracy
  • if required, can detect defects in detail on five sides of the object, so that only boxes in good condition to be transported are automatically placed in stock
  • certified measurements on cross belt and tray sorters, as well as conveyor belts
  • the data acquired from volume measurement can be fed into statistics that form the basis for optimizing internal goods flows
  • recognizes conveying aids

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