What is a smart camera?


Smart cameras are called systems that, in addition to image recording, are capable of analyzing software inside the camera, Along with event description or decisions that are used in an intelligent and automated system, Smart cameras are a system independent of other processors. It can include various protocols, including RS232, Ethernet for communication with other processors, It can also have an I / O device with 24 volt actuators to communicate with PLCs or relays. In general, the capabilities of using the machine vision depends on its grading. In general, this device can help reduce the volume of the device because it eliminates dependency on computer processors and computer analysis. Although it may be cost effective, it is also more affordable.

Although used it for simple applications, but new smart cameras compete with computer models in terms of processing speed and image processing capability.Smart cameras have been marketed since the mid-80s, and they became widely used in the 21st century.

Having a dedicated processor in each section or using systems that require multiple cameras for different processes is not synchronous or when it needs to be distributed is a good choice.(For example, inspecting an assembly line that needs to be done in several steps of the processing operation)

دوربین هوشمند
Smart Camera


A smart camera usually includes sections:

  • Image Sensor (Matrix or Linear | CCD or CMOS)
  • Digital circuits image
  • Image memory
  • Processor (often DPS or Powerful CPU)
  • Data memory (Application memory)
  • Communication protocol (RS232, Ethernet)
  • I / O lines
  • Appropriate lens position (usually C-Mount CS-Mount)
  • Connectivity to lighting systems (usually LEDs)
  • Camera developer software
  • Optional output (example: VGA, SVGA)
اجزاء داخلی دوربین هوشمند
Internal components of the smart camera


Smart Camera Application:

  • Automatic inspection for quality control
  • Non-contact measurements
  • Identification and sorting
  • Read barcode types (bar, matrix)
  • Inspection of dimensions or fragmentation (such as checking the Yv-threaded lamp or controlling plastic parts)
  • Care monitoring (detecting any danger, such as fire, smoke, etc.)
  • Bio-metric identification and control access (such as facial processing or fingerprint matching)
  • Detecting the position and angle of rotation of the piece and directing the robot to pick it up
  • Visual sensor networks
  • Steer the robot
  • Almost for all machine vision machines

In the video below, you can see an example of using the DataLogic smart camera:

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